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Tuff Composite Threaded

Tuff Composite Threaded

Our newest composite pad for V-brake systems. The center post flatland pad style you love in our compound that was formulated specifically for composite wheels. We have color matched and fine tuned the perfect mix for Skyway Tuff Wheels.


  • Internal Backbone
  • Special "mag-friendly" compound works great on ALL composite mag wheels.
  • We strongly suggest using the same color brake pad as the mag wheels that you will be using these on.
  • Rim Friendly


  • Overall length: 54mm
  • Pad contact width: 11mm

Pad Types Available:

  • KS-TCAB Aqua Blue
  • KS-TCB Black
  • KS-TCBU Blue
  • KS-TCG Green
  • KS-TCGY Gray
  • KS-TCO Orange
  • KS-TCP Purple
  • KS-TCR Red
  • KS-TCY  Yellow
  • KS-TCW White
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