All of our custom compounds are rim friendly and are formulated and compounded at Kool Stop® to ensure the highest quality and braking performance.


    Our most famous Salmon compound is also one of our most aggressive compounds for extreme all weather conditions especially in the wet, but still superb in the dry.


    Our standard compound which is great for all weather conditions, but designed for dry condition riding.


    Our colored pads are a semi–aggressive compound that will give you good performance in all weather conditions. This includes all blues, silver, yellow, white, red, lime green, purple, pink

  • DUAL

    A fusion of our two finest compounds, black and salmon, which will give superb braking in all weather conditions.This combination produces a more controlled smooth stop.


    Our triplelite compound is our most aggressive compound combination for superb braking and controlled stopping in all weather conditions.

  • Electric

    Our E-Electric compound is formulated specifically for the higher speeds and weights of electric bicycles.


    This is an extreme compound for only experienced trick or trails riders needing a compound that will instantly lock the wheels.

Compounds for Specialty Rims

  • Composite

    We have formulated a new compound specifically for composite wheels, and have color matched and fine tuned the perfect compound for Skyway Tuff Wheels!

  • CFL

    Our latest carbon specific compound that is made using high performance elastomer, lowering rim surface temperature and giving superior braking and longer lasting performance

  • Carbon

    Our original carbon compound which works great for most carbon wheels but will wear quicker on fast steep decents.

  • Carbon 2

    This compound works great on most carbon wheels and is designed to withstand those fast steep descents without a lot of pad wear.

  • 1003CX

    Designed for the cross bike racers to give superb braking in any condition that you can throw at it. 

  • 1003R

    Our road compound is a slightly harder version of the 1003CX for road type conditions.

  • Ceramic

    This Z Cromium compound was designed for ceramic coated rims and is great in all weather conditions.

  • Rigida

    For Rigida RYDE CSS rims (carbide coated)