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When Josef Mesicek first discovered a battered but original high bicycle he took it apart and rebuilt it for youngsters in his local cycling club. But one bike did not go very far among 64 members, so Josef decided to produce another, and another...
Making high bicycles quickly became a hobby, then a passion and before long a business. Josef and his son Zdenek constructed their own high-wheelers by combining various design elements of the original high bicycle. A team of four work in their workshop, hand fashioning every component to their very exacting standards. Nothing is rushed. Six of these noble machines are produced each month, almost all of them sold in Western Europe.

Mesiceks bicycle reflects the design principles of the early high bicycle, but is not a copy. Their craftsmanship is a homage to the brave pioneers of cycling and to those who made the early high bicycles. These amazing machines from the Czech Republic do not pretend to be originals. The colours are many and varied: customers can choose among 89 shades for the backbone, while the pedal and tyre rubber can be either black or red. However most customers prefer the traditional black with red tyres and pedals.

The handlebars, brake lever, hubs, pedals and cranks are nickel plated. Handlebar grips are made of cherry wood. The cowhide saddle is preseated for a couple of weeks before installation. The backbone itself is seamless Mannesmann tubing and forks are made of 1.5 mm bent sheetmetal. The backbone and wheel rims are powder-coated. Accessories include a battery-operated replica of an oil lamp, a bell, a horn, a handlebar-mounted luggage holder and a toolbag. The largest size bike, fully equipped, does not exceed 14kg. Wheel sizes range from 28 to 56 inches.

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