All of our disc pad compounds are engineered for the toughest braking conditions while still providing rotor friendliness through out the life of the pad. We offer organic, sintered, aluminum back plate, E-bike and Aero-Kool options for all your cycling needs.

  • Organic

    Kool-Stop disc pads are made with organic materials that are blended an bound together using a resin. The compounds do include small amounts of metal to improve the braking formula but though this is a mined material the pads are largely organic. The term semi metallic can also be used. We have found during testing that our disc pads are Rotor Friendly and provide high performance braking throughout the life of the pad.

  • Sintered

    Kool-Stop sintered metal disc brake pads are designed to give your bike performance braking in extreme conditions, e.g. XC, downhill, trials and dual slalom riding. Our pads have a quick break-in period so you get maximum performance during those demanding rides when stopping power, durability and long pad life are required.

  • Aluminum Back Plate

    Our Kool-Stop disc pads using the aluminum back plates are made with the same organic compound. The weight per pair is around 10 grams making them our lowest weight disc pad

  • Electric Bike

    Our E-Bike disc pads are produced with a ceramic barrier between the organic friction material and the
    steel backing plate to reduce heat transfer into the brake caliper causing brake fade. With the heavier design and quick speeds of Electric bikes, they require a compound that will hold up and provide consistant
    braking power

  • Aero-Kool

    Our newest Aero Kool pads are made with a forged aluminum cooling pinned backing plate and a high per formance organic compound. The new pads greatly reduce heat build up in the braking system and provide superior, lasting brake power.

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