Frequently Asked Questions

What should I use to clean my rims before installing new Kool Stop brake pads?

We recommend cleaning your rims with a 3M type green brillo pad or very fine sand paper and isopropyl alcohol.  

How do I stop my rim brake pads from squealing?

Make sure your rims are clean and brake arms properly adjusted and the
pad toe in is set correctly.  Toe in videos can be located on YouTube

I installed new Kool Stop brake pads and the front pads now squeal and the back pads are quiet.  So I move the quiet rear pads to the front wheel and the squealing front pads to the rear wheel.  Now the quiet pads squeal on the front wheel and the pad on the rear wheel are quiet.... why?

The front brake arms are flexing do to quality issues or the front brake
arm bushings are worn out and allowing movement.  Wiggle the brake arms to see if you can detect movement / slop.  Worn out brake bushings allow the brake arms to rattle and the brake pads are letting you know there is a problem.  Toe in the front pads to see if that reduces the
problem but you will have to service or replace the brake arm bushings
or the complete brake.  

Is it important to bed in / burn in disc pads and what is the best method to accomplish this?

When you install new disc pads on a new rotor the process is called
bedding is the brake pad.  First clean the new rotor with isopropyl alcohol or a brake rotor cleaner.  You do not want to get any grease transferred from the rotor to the new brake pad.  Inspect the brake pistons so you don't have any brake fluid leaking onto your new pads or rotor.  Install the new pads and in a safe area bring your bike up to
speed and then brake to a firm and even stop; this produces heat and
wear.  Repeat this several times.  You are mating the pads to the rotor and transferring a very thin layer of brake material to the rotor surface.  This bedding in prosses will reduce the possibility of squeal and provide smooth braking through the life of the pad. There are several YouTube videos showing this bedding in process.

Rotors can squeal if the disc pad material gets applied unevenly on the
rotor surface.  Overheated or damaged rotors should be replaced.

Can disc brakes and rotors get contaminated while being transported on bike rack of a car?

Yes.  Any motor oil that is dripped onto the road can find its way onto your rotor and pads.  There are some fantastic products that cover and
protect your rotor and brake caliper during transport to keep the

Why is it better to use an aftermarket brake pad instead of a pad that came with the bike?

We have to answer this one carefully because we supply some brake pads
that get installed at the factory.   Some brake pads installed OEM (original equipment manufacture) do the job ok but our compounds are designed for high performance, longer life, even wear and better modulation.  These aftermarket pads are built at a much higher level and cost more but we feel that a quality brake pad is worth the expense.

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