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Thinline Cantilever

Thinline Cantilever

The Thinline pad was designed for brake systems with tight brake clearance and for easy tire removal. This pad has a hardened rigid internal backbone that helps pack a lot of performance into a small space.


  • Low Profile
  • Hardened and Plated reinforced steel backbone
  • Patented Angled tip plow
  • Water grooves
  • Knurl-lock™ washer system
  • Self tow in
  • Available in Threaded and 2024 Aluminum Smooth Post

Cantilever Specifications:

  • Weight per pair: 32.5 grams
  • Overall length: 71.8 mm
  • Pad contact width: 9.1 mm

Product Option:

  • KS-TLCS Silver
  • KS-TLCB Black
  • KS-TLCR Red
  • KS-TLCY Yellow
  • KS-TLCBLU Blue
  • KS-TLCSA Salmon
  • KS-TLCC Ceramic
  • KS-TLCDL Dual Compound
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