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Composite Continental Threaded

Composite Continental Threaded

We have formulated a new compound with our Continental line of brake pads specifically for composite wheels. We have color matched and fine tuned the perfect compound for Skyway Tuff Wheels!


  • Special "mag-friendly" compound works great on ALL composite mag wheels
  • We strongly suggest using the same color brake pad as the mag wheels that you will be using these on!
  • These are made just like "back in the day" with a small threaded post. Will fit all old-school style caliper brakes. May not work on all V-brakes, however!
  • Sold in pairs/ 2 pcs.
  • Rim Friendly


  • Weight per pair: 41 grams
  • Overall length: 45.5 mm
  • Pad contact width: 9.4 mm

Pad Types Available:

  • KS-CABC Aqua Blue
  • KS-CBC Black
  • KS-CBUC Blue
  • KS-CGC Green
  • KS-CGYC Grey
  • KS-COC Orange
  • KS-CPC Purple
  • KS-CRC Red
  • KS-CYC Yellow
  • KS-CWC White
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