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V-Type2 Holder

Our newest super Light-Weight anodized forged aluminum holder with our Thicker V2 Dual Compound insert pads installed.


  • Curved Aluminum Holder
  • Integrated Pad-Lockā„¢ Hardware
  • Secured Lock Pin
  • Thicker Pad for Longer Pad Life
  • Rim-Friendly Compound
  • Offset Post
  • Available in Threaded and Cantilever (sooth post)


  • Weight per pair: 44.8 grams
  • Overall length: 72.5 mm
  • Pad contact width: 8.5 mm

V-Type2 Threaded Holder Part Number:KS-VBH2

V-Type2 Cantilever Holder Part Number:KS-VBH2CT

V-Type2 Threaded Holder Electric Bike Compound Part Number:KS-VBH2E

V-Type2 Threaded Holder Carbon Fiber#2 Part Number:KS-VBHCF2

Replacement Pads: V-Type or V-Type2

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