The Dura2 insert is our newly designed road pad. The pad is thicker than our standard Dura type for longer life, has a 7.65 mm contact width for narrow rims and cut outs for reduced weight. Our Dura pads are the same spec as Shimano pads and fit Shimano, Sram, TRP and Tektro holders with a set screw


  • Water Grooves
  •  7.65 contact width
  • Reduced weight
  • Rim Friendly Compounds
  • Fits 55mm length holders

Pad Types Available:

Black / Part Number KS-DR2B

Salmon / Part Number KS-DR2SA

Dual Compound / Part Number KS-DR2DL

Triple Compound / Part Number KS-DR2TR

Ceramic / Part Number KS-DR2C

Carbon Fiber / Part Number KS-DR2CF

Carbon #2 Hard / Part Number KS-DR2CF2

Carbon #1003 Cross / Part Number KS-1003CX

Carbon #1003 Road / Part Number KS-1003R

Pink / Part Number KS-DR2PK

hs33c Ryde/Rigida CSS / Part Number KS-DR2CSS

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ks-dr2tp ks-dr2dl ks-dr2sa